We comply with all the food safety requirements that apply to food operations. Due to COVID-19, we will leave your order at your doorstep. Protecting the health and safety of our staff and customers is our absolute priority.

New Items

Nestle Maggie Coconut Powder 300g


Motha Pudding Strawberry 100g


Motha Jelly Strawberry 200g


Raigam Maldive fish 105g


Raigam Deviled Prawn Soya 110g


Derana Iguru Koththamalli 50g


Wijaya Table Salt 400g


Derana Divul Kiri 500ml


Derana Suduru Samba 5kg


Kandyan Red Basmati Rice 2.5kg Bottle


Kandyan Red Kakulu 2.5kg Bottle


Rani Sandlewood Soap


Derana Coconut Toffee 200g


Hopper Pans Two Wire Handles


Ruhunu Rosted Chillie Powder 500g


Freelan Noodles Mix 350g


Jaya Paspanguwa 100g


Rancrispy Raw Cashew Nuts – 200g


Rancrispy Burnt Cashew Nuts – 100g


Rancrispy Curry Leaves Cashew Nuts – 100g